Precise SHP Laser Solutions

Advanced and Precise Dentistry with Dr. Stearns

Precise SHP Laser Solutions

When patients in Englewood, NJ think of a laser being used in their dental treatment, it’s often met with doubt or resistance. How can a scientific tool like a laser help my dental problems? But what many may not realize is that laser therapy in the dental office is a revolutionary new frontier that is producing positive results for patients like you. It’s safe, effective, and convenient, leaving little to no side effects like scars, swelling, or bleeding. Read along to learn more about why laser solutions with Dr. Stearns are becoming the go-to treatments for many patients just like you.

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Benefits of Laser Treatment

Lasers in dental treatments are nearly invisible to the patient, pain-free, and produce nearly instant results. Thanks to the Precise SHP Laser, laser treatments are also advantageous in the following ways:

  • No Sutures: If a treatment requires diseased tissues to be removed, it’s often accompanied with sutures (also known as stitches) to accelerate the healing. But thanks to the laser, the diseased tissue is removed safely, and healthy tissue is left behind, allowing the space to heal naturally and keep infection out.
  • No Scars: Suturing and cutting into tissue has a high risk of leaving scars behind, which can be noticeable on your gums. However, with the precise use of the laser, Dr. Stearns can effectively clear and clean the area without the need of a scalpel or sutures.
  • No Bleeding/Swelling: When it comes to any periodontal treatment, some patients fear that a large amount of blood will surface during the treatment. On the contrary, the laser is so precise and quick, that little to no bleeding occurs during or after the treatment.
  • No Pain: Similar to the reasons why little bleeding occurs, patients typically feel no pain during and after the procedure with laser treatment. Even when utilizing the laser for jawbone joint treatment, the most a patient may feel is a slight warmth at the application site.
  • Clean and Effective: Laser treatment is not messy – in fact, it’s a preferred method of treating periodontal conditions to ensure quicker results and faster recovery. No more having to contend with sutures or scarring; you can receive the treatment you need in record time.

Patients We’ve Helped

As you can see laser therapy with Dr. Stearns can bring a whole host of benefits to patients like you. We’ve also found that laser dental treatment has been effective for patients with the following conditions or fears:

  • Dental Anxiety: Patients with a fear of the dentist may find the laser treatment preferable. Oftentimes they fear the tools, the noise, or the feel of dental work being done. But with the Precise SHP Laser, the treatment is quieter, with no pain, and is completed safely for the patient.
  • Fear of Needles/Scalpels: Similarly to patients who have a fear of the dentist, those who fear needles or sharp instruments can find consolation in laser treatment. There’s no needles to fear, just the warmth of the precise laser and the speed of the treatment.  
  • Self-Conscious Patients: Overall, we understand that periodontal diseases can wreak havoc on a smile, making gums appear red, inflamed, or receded. Thanks to laser periodontal therapy, we can clear these areas of the infection and allow healthy tissues to grow back. This creates a more appealing and healthier-looking smile.
  • Afflicted with Periodontitis: Of all the treatments that can be performed with the diode laser, the highlight at our office is to treat periodontal disease and the symptoms that come with it. Prolonged periodontal disease can spell trouble for both your oral and overall health, so it’s prudent that you treat it as soon as possible. With the Precise Laser, this can be done in as little as one or two visits.

Find Out if Precise SHP Laser is For You

Are you suffering from periodontal disease afflictions and want to find out if the Precise SHP Diode Laser can be applied to your procedure? Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stearns and find out more about the positive aspects of laser treatment. The Precise SHP Diode Laser can be used to streamline your procedure, making the process faster, safer, and more efficient. Discover today if you’re a candidate to use the Precise SHP Diode Laser.