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Gregory Arslanian      

I first went to Dr. Stearns just over 20 years ago. I have since moved and he is no longer my dentist. In 2000 and I had gotten in a jet ski accident and split my front 4 teeth in 1/2. It looked insane and was extremely painful as I had exposed raw nerves!!! Dr. Stearns opened his office on a Sunday for my emergency. Not only did he save my teeth so I wouldn't need implants. He did meticulous work on my porcelain veneers that others don't believe they are not my real teeth. The kicker is that veneers usually last 10 years and mine are nearly perfect 18 years later and I haven't gone lightly on them. Since Dr. Stearns I have had 4 different dentists (2 in Beverly Hills CA$$$) and EVERYONE OF THOSE 4 DENTISTS TOOK THE TIME TO COMPLEMENT THE EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY OF WORK DONE ON MY FRONT 4 TEETH AND ASKED WHO DID IT. He is without question the best dentist I've ever been to.

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