Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

How Dr. Stearns Delivers Your Perfect Implant

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery with Dr. Stearns

Dental implants are one of the most popular treatments out there for patients who are missing teeth, since they are placed directly into the jawbone and have the ability to heal the jawbone as well. While it’s a popular treatment, it’s also still evolving in technology. Here in Englewood, NJ we now offer computer-guided implant surgery for dental implants patients, to give them a safer treatment, more accurate dental implant installation, and comfortable fit.

op300-3d-scan - Stearns Implants

More Precise Dental Implants

Thanks to 3D imaging and modeling technology, Dr. Stearns can input a scan of your mouth into the computer, and use a program to calculate the perfect placement for your dental implants. This in turn will help produce more accurate results and a more comfortable dental implant.

3D modeling and imaging also helps Dr. Stearns to show his patients models of what their smile may look like once it’s finished. Typically, it’s left up to the dentist to ensure that the dental implants look realistic, but this way dental implants patients aren’t left in the dark about what the final implant will look like.

Comfort and Ease

Another advantage to computer-guided implant surgery is the streamlining of the process. Computer-guided surgery allows for a higher level of safety, less pain, and is minimally invasive. There are rarely any sutures needed with this guidance system, meaning a relatively swifter recovery time.

The safety of our patients is one of our top priorities, and computer guidance allows us to keep that level of safety in check, so that there is minimal discomfort and patients enjoy their functioning implants sooner.

The Instrumentarium OP300

What sounds like a confusing name for a product is a machine that takes accurate 3D models of your jaw and teeth. It used to be that dentists had to piece together an accurate picture of the patient’s smile from different x-ray scans. But with the Instrumentarium OP300, the patient aligns their head with the machine indicator, and the scanner actually moves around their head to get that panoramic shot.

It’s much quicker than waiting for x-ray scans, and offers Dr. Stearns and our patients a chance to see what their smiles look like. It fosters better communication with Dr. Stearns and we will be happy to answer questions, discuss the procedure, and give you an idea of the appearance of your dental implant with ease.

Why Choose Computer-Guided Dental Implants?

When it comes to tooth loss, it may not necessarily be the right choice to aim for the quickest way to plug the gap in your smile. While solutions like dentures or dental bridges are available, they only cover the gap superficially. In order to heal the jawbone underneath, and invest in a longer-lasting solution, we recommend dental implants. Even if you’re missing an entire arch of teeth, we can install permanent dental implants (or All-on-4) to replace those teeth and ensure that your jawbone regenerates.

Now, thanks to the Instrumentarium OP300, dental implants can be placed accurately, safely, and more quickly. In general, patients will be able to heal in a minimal amount of time and can feel more confident about their durable dental implants.

Learn More About Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

Are you interested in dental implants but want to know more about what sets Dr. Stearns’ practice apart from others? Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stearns, where you can learn more about our specialty computer-guided implant surgery. We can also walk you through the dental implant process, what goes into your cost of treatment, and offer many financial assistance options for you.