Tooth-Colored Fillings

The Most Natural & Aesthetic Fillings

White Fillings in Englewood, NJ

Has tooth decay run rampant on your teeth, causing dark pits and cracks? Or have you had fillings in the past made from silver or mercury? For patients who reside in Englewood, NJ and the surrounding areas, an alternative type of filling is near, thanks to tooth-colored fillings from Dr. Neil Stearns. White fillings also have the added advantage of not needing to remove more parts of the tooth to make room for the filling; instead, it keeps the tooth whole while filling in the cracks, hence the name. Let’s take a look at why so many patients are opting for white fillings these days.

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Advantages of White Fillings

The major advantage of white fillings is that they come in a range of shades that closely match the color of an individual’s tooth, hence the oft-used name “tooth-colored fillings.” Due to the increased strength of modern composite materials, they can now also be used in the back teeth.

Some other advantages of white fillings are:

  • Metal-free
  • No increase in temperature sensitivity
  • Prevents further damage to a tooth
  • Strengthen damaged teeth

Can I Replace My Current Metal Fillings?

Absolutely. Until fairly recently, most dentists filled and sealed cavities almost exclusively using a silver and mercury amalgam. Unfortunately, these fillings (sometimes called restorations) often weaken teeth due to the large amount of the original tooth that has to be removed prior to filling. More recently, modern dentistry has turned to composite fillings (white fillings – sometimes referred to as “tooth-colored fillings”) as a strong, safe and more natural looking alternative to amalgam fillings.

Mercury has often been used in dental amalgam fillings due to the durable, solid filling it provided. But we understand if patients feel uncomfortable or concerned about their health because of their mercury fillings. If you share these same feelings, many dentists such as Dr. Neil Stearns, specialize in safe amalgam removal. Composite fillings utilize a soft white plastic substance that includes a hardening agent making it more durable and natural looking than amalgam.

Find Out Your Candidacy for White Fillings

Are you concerned about your metal or mercury fillings? Or is your tooth decay causing discomfort or pain? You may very well qualify for tooth-colored, white fillings to restore your tooth to its natural shape and strength. Contact us today at our Englewood, NJ office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stearns and discover if white fillings are the solution you need for rejuvenating your smile.