Partial & Full Dentures

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Partial and Full Dentures

If an Englewood, NJ patient has lost most or all of their natural teeth, they may be eligible for partial or full dentures with Dr. Stearns. Dentures have been a tried and true method for replacing these teeth, and continue to be used today despite new tooth replacement technology. Depending on how many teeth were lost and where they were located, you may be eligible for a partial denture or a full denture, which comprises of an entire arch of teeth. Let’s take a look at what each can bring you.

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Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are removable dentures that fill in the gaps for two or more missing teeth. These dentures are removable and clip into the mouth, but the individual teeth can be shaped to match the rest of your smile. With these dentures, you’ll have a complete smile once again, and be able to chew, eat, and speak with confidence.

Typically these partial dentures are made from an acrylic resin and porcelain to give them that realistic look. Dr. Stearns and our experienced staff will ensure that your partial denture looks and feels natural.

Full Dentures

Complete (full) dentures are used when all the teeth have been lost in either your upper or lower arch. They allow you to smile, speak and masticate (a word that simply means to “chew”) your food so you maintain proper nutrition.

These types of dentures must also be secured in the mouth with an adhesive, typically a paste or a powder. However, this does not secure it 100%, so some patients have experienced the denture slipping off while eating or talking. It’s also quite normal for the denture to feel different over time, due to natural wear and tear. When that happens, simply give us a call and we’ll discuss a replacement denture for you.

Consider Implant-Supported Restorations

While dentures are not the ideal restoration these days, they are necessary and will allow you to function far better than if you didn’t replace your missing teeth and had to “mash” up all of your food. However, for patients searching for a more permanent solution for their lost teeth, we do recommend implant-supported restorations such as All-on-4 to meet your needs. All-on-4 combines dentures with dental implants, to give that permanent, secure feel to a denture. Our patients still enjoy the benefits of a complete smile and strong bite, along with the oral health benefits of dental implants. If this treatment sounds appealing to you, ask Dr. Stearns about your candidacy during your consultation.

Contact Us for Quality Dentures

If you are currently wearing a denture that you are not happy with or you think that you may need dentures, please visit our Englewood, NJ dental office for an evaluation. Many times we can have a set of beautiful dentures made for you in just a few simple appointments. Contact us to learn more about this unique treatment through a consultation with Dr. Stearns, where you’ll have your oral health evaluated and your candidacy for the treatment considered.