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When it comes to repairing damage to a receded gum line or the connective tissue around a smile, patients often feel that nothing can be done. But here at the office of Dr. Neil Stearns in Englewood, NJ, we offer unique treatments to help you reach a finely-balanced smile with your gums and teeth. The gums are the frame for the teeth, so don’t let misshapen gums hinder your smile.

What is Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

Periodontal plastic surgery is reserved for those who have “gummy” smiles (where the gums cover a large portion of the teeth) or receded gums (where the gums are pulled back, exposing the tooth root). It involves shaping the gums into a more appealing appearance.

Some patients may have this treatment done in addition to other cosmetic work, for a complete smile makeover. After your cosmetic dental treatments are done, Dr. Stearns can follow up with a gum treatment to transform your teeth into your dream smile. You’ll feel refreshed and more confident, thanks to periodontal plastic surgery.

Connective Tissue Grafts/Augmentations

A graft or augmentation is a term for applying or removing tissues on an area of the body. In terms of dental treatments, you may have heard the term “bone graft” before, which is the treatment of applying new bone material to the jawbone to stimulate growth. The same principles can be applied to the gums, as you’ll see below.

Gummy Smiles

When we say “gummy” smile, this means that the gums have descended lower on the tooth, so your smile appears to have more gums than teeth. Having a balance between teeth and gums is more attractive and healthier, so we proudly offer a treatment that can reduce the amount of excess gum tissue covering the crown of the tooth.  

Recession/ Exposed Roots

When the gums recede, this means that they are pulled back far enough to expose tooth roots or give the patient a “long-tooth” appearance. For the most part, periodontal disease and aggressive brushing could be at the forefront of the problem. But once the gums have receded far back, it can be difficult for the gums to move back.

Dr. Stearns can utilize a gum graft to apply new tissue to the receded area, filling the space so your gum line appears even again. The new tissue will also help prevent bacterial infections from attacking the tooth roots.

Why Should I Get Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

As we said above, the gums are the frame to the smile. An even balance between gums and teeth is attractive, implies good health, and confidence. If your gums are covering too much of your teeth, or have been receding for awhile, we recommend that a periodontal plastic surgery procedure can help repair and refresh your smile.

Our goal is to have our patients leave the office with a more confident, brilliant smile. Dr. Stearns in Englewood, NJ is adept at sculpting and shaping patient’s gums, to give them that healthy harmony that makes a smile more attractive. Curious about what you qualify for? The answers are a short consultation away.

Consult with Dr. Stearns in Englewood, NJ

Misshapen gums are unattractive in a smile, and can also be very unhealthy. If you’re unhappy with the state of your gums, give us a call in Englewood, NJ and we’ll be happy to set you up for a consultation with Dr. Neil Stearns. There’s no obligation, so let us take a look at your gums and recommend a treatment for you! We also offer non-surgical solutions and Arestin treatment for periodontal disease.