Dental Crowns

Alleviate Pain and Restore Beauty

Dental Crowns at Neil S. Stearns, DMD

Diseased or damaged teeth can cause pain when you chew or bite down. Crowns are one of the best solutions available to help alleviate that pain and appearance of a damaged tooth. With Dr. Stearns’ experience, we can create a natural-looking crown that looks and feels like a real tooth.

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What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are artificial tooth “caps” that are placed over an existing tooth to cover up the flaws and also be functional. Some patients may believe that a dental crown replaces the tooth, but it does not.

Dental crowns can be made of porcelain (porcelain crown), gold (gold crown) and other metals, acrylic resin, or an amalgam (in other words, a mix) of these materials.

Porcelain crowns consistently have the most realistic appearance, although they can be less durable than other materials. Dental crowns can whiten, reshape, and realign existing teeth, adding to a bright, healthy smile that will get you noticed.

Perfecting Your Smile Through Dental Crowns

You may be asking yourself, why choose a crown in the first place? Well, consider that if you were on a night out with a large group of people, there’s an 80% chance you’re more likely to talk to a stranger if they smiled at you. Wouldn’t you like to smile back with confidence?

When patients are ashamed of what their teeth look like, due to damage or disease, they feel too self-conscious about making these kinds of connections. But the right constructed crown can bring along a host of benefits.

  • Whiter Smile – If tooth discoloration is resisting teeth whitening, than installing a dental crown can help match it to the rest of your smile.
  • Reshaped Smile – Are your teeth misaligned or crooked, and cannot be fixed with other cosmetic treatments?
  • Replace Damaged Teeth – Teeth that have been superficially damaged or recently underwent a root canal or other intensive surgery can use dental crowns to protect their teeth.

Unhappy with Your Teeth? Try Dental Crowns

For many patients, the issues with their smiles are purely cosmetic: misalignments, crookedness, discoloration. While cosmetic dental treatments are available for the surfaces of your teeth, sometimes you need a solution that encompasses and protects the whole tooth. That solution can be found with dental crowns.

In Englewood, NJ, at the practice of Dr. Neil S. Stearns, patients can find quality dental crowns for their smile that will last for many years. With years of experience perfecting patients’ teeth, Dr. Stearns has the skills you need to create a seamless smile with dental crowns. We’ll not only fashion crowns that are comfortable and feel natural, but also match the rest of your smile in shade and coloring.

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