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Aesthetic, Restorative, and General Dentistry with Dr. Neil Stearns

Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth-Colored Fillings

It’s been a long-time solution that dentists use mercury or silver to fill their patients’ teeth, despite possible health risks. But today we use a revolutionary composite material that is invisible to the eye and makes fillings appear more natural.

Go Mercury Free

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is similar to veneers, wherein both treatment can cover cosmetic flaws in your smile. However, while veneers must be molded before placement, dental bonding resin can be applied directly to the tooth and shaped there to ensure that the flaws are hidden. Patients have remarked how natural it feels.

Hide my flaws

Restorative Dentistry

dental-crowns-150x150 - Stearns Implants

Dental Crowns

If your tooth is decayed or has become damaged beyond repair, we can fit you with a natural-looking crown to “cap” the tooth and complete your smile.

Repair My Smile
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Partial & Full Dentures

If you have lost multiple teeth or a whole arch of teeth, we can restore your smile through the use of partial or full dentures. These dentures are removable and give you a renewed confidence in your smile.

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Implant Procedures

Dental Implants

Are you missing one or more teeth and are seeking a long-term solution to fill the gap in your smile? Discover the advantages of dental implants, a permanent artificial tooth that also restores your oral health.

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Free Implant Consultation

Includes exam and x-rays (3D image not included)

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If you’re missing one whole arch of teeth, Dr. Stearns can craft an implant-supported denture known as “All-on-4,” after the four implant fixtures that the denture is fixed to. Consult with Dr. Stearns to discover if this treatment is right for you.

dental-implants-englewood - Stearns Implants

Sinus Augmentation

Patients seeking dental implants in the upper arch of their smile are sometimes told that they may not be eligible because of the size of their sinus cavity. However, with Dr. Stearns and a sinus augmentation, it’s now possible to get the dental implant you need.

More on Augmentation

Dental Implant FAQ

Got a question about dental implants? We’ve compiled commonly heard questions from patients from Englewood, NJ and beyond and have answered them here for your convenience.

Implant Questions
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Bone Grafting & GBR

One of the requirements for successful dental implants is a sufficient jawbone foundation. For patients who have jawbone depletion, we offer bone grafting and guided bone regeneration to give your dental implant the best chance for success.

Grafting Info

Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

While dental implants are an increasingly popular tooth replacement option, they are now becoming easier and more efficiently placed thanks to advancements in technology. Dr. Stearns utilizes computer-guided implant surgery to ensure that his patients’ implants are placed comfortably, so they look and feel natural.

Your Perfect Implants

Sedation Dentistry

Your Periodontal Health

Periodontal Disease

Have you heard about periodontal disease, but aren’t quite sure what it means? Find out more about this serious oral health condition, and the damage it can do to your teeth and gums.

Are you at risk?

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